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History & Mission

Who we are

RE Sports is a Sports Management and Marketing business which offers opportunities for persons to showcase their talent and skills in the commercial sector in a friendly competitive environment.


RE Sports is keen on promoting healthy lifestyles through sporting events. In addition RE Sports offers Marketing, Advertising and Promotional services by creating an avenue for businesses to reach their targeted audience and build brand awareness.

Football Fans


To boost the level of sporting activities among communities and the commercial sector, while providing excellent avenues for businesses to market their products and services to target audiences.


RE Sports have successfully ran tournaments for the past three years in St.Lucia. We recently completed  the SLHTA Champions cup where we recorded the largest turnout for a corporate football tournament.

We are known for meeting our clients needs when it comes to sports management and running an incident free tournament.

We add value to our clients and ensure that their marketing objectives are met.

Contact Us

We can be contacted via:

Phone: 758-2870839

           : 758-3845722

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